3D Spatial Audio: Design and Application of Facilities for Realistic Sound Field Reproduction

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Date(s) - 11/12/2019
15:00 - 17:45

DTU Bygning 354


When: 11th of December 2019, from 15:00 to 17:45

Where: DTU, Building 354

Responsible: TK Elektro, Joe and Vicente

Maximum Participants: 40

Deadline for signing up: 6th of December 2019.


The Audio-Visual Immersion Lab (AVIL) is a relatively new facility at DTU that functions as a virtual environment for hearing research. The main purpose of the AVIL is to create realistic sound (and visual input) around a listener in order to investigate aspects of spatial hearing in complex, challenging environments, the so-called Cocktail Party Problem. So far, the system consists of 64 loudspeakers arranged on a full sphere, four subwoofers, and a head-mounted display. The system enables a realistic reproduction of the acoustics of real rooms, and the playback of spatial audio recordings.

The loudspeaker-based setup allows head movements and the usage of hearing aids or cochlear implants during the measurements.The new lab helps design and carry out experiments using sound scenes that are closer to reality, but are also repeatable and controlled. This is expected to lead to a better understanding of human hearing in challenging environments, and may ultimately enable the development of better, “smarter” hearing aids.

Inspired by DTU’s AVIL, GN has designed their own 3D room which is smaller and has fewer loudspeakers than AVIL. Furthermore, GN has ongoing activities looking into the feasibility of a “head-mounted” 3D room that is supposed to produce the same experience as a real 3D room using only headphones and Virtual Reality Glasses.


15:00-15:15: Welcome and a quick look inside the AVIL room (Audio-Visual Immersion Lab). (JJ)

15:15-15:45: “The Design and Application of the AVIL Room (MM).

15:45-16:15: “The Design of GN’s 3D Room” and “Headphones and Virtual Reality Glasses as a cheaper Alternative” (JU).

16:15-17:45: Demonstration of the AVIL room and demonstration of a Virtual Reality setup for the reproduction of realistic acoustic (and visual) scenes (MM and JU). There will be time for networking in the meantime and refreshments will be served.



JJ: Joe Jensen, GN Audio and DAS

MM: Marton Marschall, DTU Hearing Systems

JU: Jesper Udesen, GN Audio


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