Forum Laboris – international jobmesse for unge akustikere.

Den internationale jobmesse “Forum Laboris”
er netop igangsat af bestyrelsen for EAA Den Europæiske Akustiske Sammenslutning
EAA Board is worried about young students who are suffering from isolation due to the COVID19 .

As they did not have the chance to participate to physical conferences, visit real exhibitions and discuss for potential employers, building up their carrier and considering future opportunities are very difficult.
In order to help them, we have decide to create a new product

                     Forum Laboris

          The job fair of European acoustics 
                 September 14-15, 2021      
            (possible extension until 17th)

Due to the urgent aspect of the  situation (in particular for people graduating in June 2021), we have decided to run Forum Laboris  in September,  in cooperation with YAN.

Both website and payment system are now set up.
Forum Laboris will be a unique platform with both formal and informal virtual meetings to put in contact Job Seekers and Job Providers (companies, universities, research labs…).

It will include Company presentation, meting with students (in group and in person).
Registration rates are reduced on purpose in order to enhance synergy between seekers and providers.