Danish Acoustical Society (DAS)

The Danish Acoustical Society (DAS) was founded over 60 years ago by a group of professionals that included Prof. Dr. Tech. Fritz Ingerslev and Dr. Tech. Per V. Brüel.

Since its beginnings in 1955, DAS’ membership has grown to over 360 professionals, including over 28 sustaining members. Seventy percent of the membership is from industry, 20 percent from national and local institutions, and 10 percent from higher education. To encourage new members and to promote life­long affiliation with the group, B.Sc. and M.Sc. students within the field of acoustics receive a complimentary membership. The society remains dedicated to its original goals: to promote and propagate nationally the knowledge of acoustics and its practical application, and to establish national and international contact between people interested in acoustics, in particular cooperation with Scandinavian, European, and international organizations. DAS has played an important role in organizing several major acoustic meetings, including Forum Acousticum with more than 600 attendees.

DAS has five focus areas: building and room acoustics, electroacoustics, environmental acoustics, machinery acoustics, and psychoacoustics. Activities in each area are organised by the relevant Technical Committees, thus ensuring a high level of activity and broad representation of its members. One of the major events is the annual DAS “Day of Acoustics” where speakers from all aspects of the society are invited. DAS is especially interested in connecting scientists and practitioners within its specialty areas.

DAS assists in the review process of new acoustical standards from the Danish Standards (including ISO) and provides input to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency on new acoustical guidelines. DAS is also active outside Denmark contributing to both I-INCE and to ICA with Board Members.

DAS is affiliated to the European Acoustics Association (EAA) and the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and DAS members receive publications from these two organizations (e.g. Acta Acustica) at no extra charge. Members of DAS are also admitted to the Nordic Acoustical Association (NAA). The NAA activities include organizing the Baltic-Nordic Acoustical Meetings (B-NAM) held every other year in either Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, or Iceland.

Management of the society is in the hands of the board. The Society’s web address https://www.d-a-s.dk contains information on meetings, hearings of proposals for new standards, and links to courses in acoustics as well as links to sponsor’s websites (including job notices) and websites of other acoustical organizations. DAS can be contacted by email at das@d-a-s.dk.