DAS temamøde – Sound Quality in headsets (Lydkvalitet i headsets)

DAS teknisk komite i psykoakustik inviterer til temamøde om Lydkvalitet i Headsets.

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Overall, this go-home meeting is about methods for evaluating sound and sound quality related to headsets. Geoff Martin from B&O will start out presenting an interesting topic about electro-acoustic measurement methods and the problem of their sometimes lack of relevance in relation to perceived sound quality (- when can THD be related to experienced sound quality, for example). From Sennheiser Communications, Kim Larsen will subsequently discuss both objective and subjective sound quality evaluation methods used within the development of a headset. The meeting concludes with the possibility of questions as well as a tour of the acoustic facilities at Sennheiser Communications.

Link til arrangementet på d-a-s.dk