Invitation til International Symposium on Room Acoustics – ISRA 2019

ISRA 2019 is a satellite symposium to the ICA conference that takes place September 15 – 17 2019.

You are cordially invited to participate in the conference and to submit your contributions. The agenda features interesting structured sessions but all submissions on the topic of room acoustics are very much appreciated. The existing session cover the following topics:

  •         Developments in prediction techniques
  •         Experimental methods in room acoustics
  •         Music rehearsal rooms and stage acoustics
  •         Performer’s adaptation to room acoustics
  •         Room acoustic simulations as a tool for performance-based design
  •         Room acoustic perception
  •         Curved Architecture in Acoustics
  •         Design fundamentals and strategies for concert halls and large auditoria
  •         Metrics vs. Quality – What are we missing?

It goes without saying that distinguished keynote lectures and a concert in Concertgebouw Amsterdam are a central part of the conference’s agenda.

You can find detailed information at