WHO meddelelse om World Hearing Day 2018

World Health Organization inviterer alle med interesse omkring hørelse at bidrage til World Hearing Day d. 3. marts 2018 omkring temaet “Hear the Future”:

“The theme promoted by WHO for World Hearing Day 2018 is Hear the
Future. It draws attention towards the anticipated rise in the number of
people with hearing loss across the world and the need to prepare
accordingly. We invite you to adopt this theme for the campaign you
might be planning for 3 March, 2018 and to develop messages or calls to
action that are relevant to your audiences and aligned with this global

Alle er velkomne til at foreslå et arrangement og materialer fra WHO kan downloades til dette formål, se dokument om “campaign materials” her:

Adaptation of World Hearing Day 2018 campaign materials

Mere om World Hearing Day: